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How to download fireware - smartarduino - 12-20-2015

Here shows how to download(update) firmware for DoitCar.

Step 1: Download Flash_download_tools

Flash download tool

Step 2: Download the new fireware:
See the attachments

Step 3:   Plug ESP12E(Esp12F)-devKit into USB port with microUSB.
[Image: uSHLR43.jpg]

Step 4:   Open the ESP FLASH DOWNLOAD TOOL. And the configuation is shown as belows.
        Attention: Choose correct Serial Port and correct firmware

Step 5: Press "START". Keeping press "FLASH" button, then press "RESET" button. Then the downloading process begins:

[Image: 161539jffhffrffbe0clm0.png]

Step 6: Done. Reboot the Esp12E devKit. The blue light will be keep lighting.

Step 7: If the esp8266 dev kit show errors. pls using blank1024.bin to erase flash.


ESPduino and nodemcu source code for car is at:
Enjoy it.