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ESP8266 Based Serial2WiFi FAQ - smartarduino - 10-21-2015

Question 1: How to restore factory settings. Here shows two ways:

      One: Connect the WiFi, and enter the web interface settings, use “FactoryDefault” button.

      Or:  (For Doit ESp8266 WiFi expansion board, nodemcu compatible development board) . Press “Flash” button more than 3 seconds (the LED lights flash) and restore the default factory settings


Question 2:  How does it work about AP and STA
     In AP mode, SSID , password, local ip address, subnet mask and gateway address can be set
     In STA mode, the router wifi SSID can be scanned.

Question 3: How does it work about serial communication.

     Networks can be set to tcp server / client, udp server / client
     When Client mode is used, domain and IP can be set to a remote address.
     When data receiving or sending, LED lights flash.

Question4: How to download a new firmware.
     Step 1: Use the download software, shown as follows.
    Note: Two bin files should be used. One is “ eagle.flash.bin”, whose download address is 0x00000. The other is “eagle.irom0text.bin”, whose download address is 0x40000. All configuration is shown in the follow picture.

[Image: qo7PPbM.png]

     Step 2: Choose the correct serial port number. Then, press “FLASH” button, and press “RESET” button. OK, the download process will be started after press “START”.
     Step 3: Enjoy it!


Firmware : eagle.flash.bin

RE: ESP8266 Based Serial2WiFi FAQ - smartarduino - 10-21-2015

If there are other firmwares. Pls download it from 0x00000